Thursday, February 4, 2010

Littlechaps Family Dolls Toys by Remco from 1963

Littlechaps Family Dolls Toys by Remco from 1963.

Remco's answer to Barbie was found in these Wonderful and quite realistic Littlechap Dolls. The Father is Dr. John with his wife Lisa, daughters Judy ( Oldest) and Libby ( youngest). I add more pictures and information here soon!

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McDonaldland Action Figure Dolls Toys by Remco in 1976

Dolls-Toys from The Fast Food Giant, McDonalds! Here are Ronald McDonald, The Hamburglar, The Grimace and Captain Crook Mint on the Card from the McDonaldland Adventure Playsets offered by Remco Toys in 1976. I will post more Dolls-Toys Images and Information Soon!

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Mimi Doll by Remco 1970, Talking and Singing Doll

Mimi the Talking and Singing Doll was made by Remco Toys in 1970 and was Similar to Charmin Chatty Cathy. Sings "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing".