Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Brenda Doll, Baby Powder Scented, with Sculpted Hair from 1983 Catalog

Click On the Vintage Baby Brenda Doll to Enlarge the Picture.

Soft Bodied Baby Brenda with Sculpted Hair from 1983 Catalog. Not
Mentioned Here, but she is a Bay Powder Scented doll.

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These Rare Retro Doll Images, Such as Baby Brenda, are discovered in the Toy and Doll Catalog Collection Owned by Mike Mozart, The Internet Celebrity, " Toy 
Review Guru" of JeepersMedia on Youtube.

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  1. I still have my Brenda, 31 years later, in mint condition.

    1. My Mom gave me hers! I'm nine! She's my favorite doll, plus it was also my Mom's favorite doll too! I love her! mine's not in mid condition it has a bit of rips! From when my Mom had it to when it was in my Mom's closet till I got her into my arms! I love my Baby Brenda doll and I always will!